Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

2.1 View of Savita standing in front of a lingerie store. There is a big hoarding with the name of the store “Sneha Collections” and women in lingerie on the hoarding. The glass display has some lingerie in it.
2.2 View of Savita’s back. Savita at the counter. A young salesgirl is on the other side. Savita says “Hi, I need some lingerie” A little away from them is a salesman behind the counter. He is looking at Savita with a shocked/surprised expression on his face. ( He is the salesman from episode 1, so draw him looking the same)
2.3 Closeup of salesman face. He is thinking “Aree, it is that same hot bhabhi!”
2.4 View from behind the salesgirl. We can see the salesman and Savita’s face. Salesman has come towards Savita and the salesgirl. He and the salesgirl are looking at each other. He says “Komal, you go take care of the other customers. I will show bhabhi here what she needs.” Savita looking at him shocked.