Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

28.1 Scene from Kaamesh eyes showing savita wiping cum off her face and pushing it in her mouth, licking the fingers. (You can show her hand half on her face and half at her mouth with her tongue out). Kaamesh thinking “It’s hot seeing her licking up all my cum. She always said she loved the taste!”
28.2 Kaamesh with a smile on his face saying “Savvi, that was amazing!”
28.3 Savita now standing up next to kaamesh. Says “Oh Kaamesh, I’m so glad I ran into you here. I just love the way you make me feel!”
28.4 Far off scene showing both of them still undressed. Kaamesh says “Me too saavi” — “Now, we better get dressed and out of here before they wonder what we upto!”