Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

3.1 View from behind Savita. Savita looking at the salesman. Stutters “Its.. uhh…. you” Salesman looking at her with a mishevious smile on his face. Salesman saying “Yes bhabhiji, it is me” – “Now how can I help you today?” There is a woman next to Savita facing us holding a red bra up and checking it out.
3.2 Savita still looking uncomfortable. Saying “Umm.. I wanted some lingerie” — “Something silky. You know, the special kind”
3.3 Salesman with a lustful look on his face. “I’ll show you one new transparent style that all the girls are buying nowadays.” — “They say it makes them looks more sexy.” The woman standing next to them is looking at the both of them with a shocked look on her face.