Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 30

savita bhabhi

30.1 Outside the shop. Savita in a rickshaw waving good bye to kaamesh. There is a rickshaw driver who has his head turned back staring directly at her cleavage with a lusty look on his face. Savita “Hope you wife likes the lingerie”
30.2 Kaamesh “Yeah, I’ll show it to her as soon as I get home.” — “Bye, I’ll call you.”

30.3 Narrative “Later that night Kaamesh showed his wife the lingerie he had purchased for her.”

30.3 Scene of Kaamesh and his wife. Kaamesh’s wife “Oh Kaamesh, its lovely” — “Let me put it on so you can see how it looks on a womans body”
30.4 Kaamesh smiling and looking at the camera winking. He is thinking “Oh my darling, i already know.. I already know!” We can see his wife walking away in the background.