Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

4.1 Salesman with lustful look on his face holding out a plastic packet with some lingerie in it to Savita. Says “Here bhabiji, try this out. It is in your size” — “And use changing room number three. It is the biggest one.”
4.2 Far off view. View of Savita walking away with the packet in her hand. The salesman has turned around and is opening a door in the back of the shop using a big bunch of keys.
4.3 Salesman closing the door behind him after entering a room. The room has only a chair and a TV in front of it. On the TV is view of an empty changing room. Salesman with an evilc smile on his face thinking “It is also the room in which the boss has put his secret CC camera”
4.4 View of the TV. We can see Savita entering the changing room. (Make sure that the scene on the TV is not as clear as in real life)