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savita bhabhi

1.1 Savita is in her bedroom looking in the mirror. She is wearing a white lacy bra and panty. Thinking “Now that I’m going to start working, I better go shopping for new clothes.”
1.2 View of her in the mirror. She is thinking “That Shalini is quite the slut. God only knows who all she has screwed there.” –“I better get some sexy lingerie if I want to make a mark for myself in that office.”
1.3 Front view of Savita cupping her bra with her hand. Horny look on her face. Manoj is seen in the background behind her. Manoj says “Bhabhiji, do you want your massage now?”
1.4 Side view. Manoj now standing close to Savita still behind her. Savita has her hand behind slightly caressing his dick. Says “Not now Manoj, I have to go shopping.” — “Maybe we’ll do it when I’m back”